• Welcome to the Jack C. Binion PTA!

    You can contact us at: emilycollins818@gmail.com

     We are an active group of parents and teachers, working to give our students a great elementary school experience.


     To have a successful JCB PTA we must have board members and volunteers willing to help run the business end of PTA. We are looking for committed individuals who can work together, with the whole school and their students in mind. If you are that person, please fill out this interest form for JCB PTA positions. This form is sent directly to our nomination committee chair and all answers are shared with the JCB PTA board only.  We MUST have more people doing their part for their students and school. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u1GYgGJHYy7sH0oG6f1rChGJ7NboDnfqnORlz5uye6A/edit


    Binion PTA Board 2023- 2024

     President: Ms. Kayla Yates

     Vice President of Fundraising: Ms. Amber Bius

    Vice President of Programs: Ms. Lynn Demoss

    Vice President of Membership: Mr. Ruben Anguiano

    Vice President of Hospitality: Ms. Juanita Reyna

    Vice President of Room Representatives: Ms. Allison Obregon

    Community Bilingual  Liaison: Ms. Lily Jimenez

    Treasurer: Ms. Emily Collins

    Secretary: Ms. Taylor Conklin

    Assistant Principal: Rose Kebe