• All traffic enters from Hardisty Drive and exits onto Norton Drive.
    • Bus and Daycare drop off/pick up is by the gym - enter from Glenview Drive.
    • All visitors must park in designated Visitor Parking - enter from Glenview Drive.
    • Stay in your car! Our staff will safely deliver your child to your car.
    • The parking lot at Norton and Glenview is for Teacher/Staff only.
    • PLEASE be aware of children moving to their cars - proceed slowly through the line.
    • Keep your color-coded dismissal card in your passenger window or on your dash.
    • Please pick up your child on time! If you arrive after 3:30pm, please proceed to visitor parking and pick up your child in the front office.
                     We appreciate your patience during the first few weeks of school as
                     everyone learns the drop off and pick up procedure. Your child's
                     safety is our #1 concern!



    Jack C Binion Traffic Map