Bilingual/ESL Education Overview Page

  • The Bilingual/ESL Department is committed to promoting academic excellence, equity, and access for English learners in Birdville ISD. It oversees the following language programs:

    • One-Way Dual Language
    • Content-Based ESL
    • Campus-based Newcomer

    Within these programs, we ensure that every child’s native language, culture, background, and interests are respected and utilized in the learning process. Additionally, best practices for English language learners (ELLs) are implemented to accelerate the academic progress in all content areas. This will build and develop communication skills and cognitive academic language naturally.

    We serve approximately 4,800 ELLs in grades PK - 12. This population has grown by 49% within the last six years. These students represent more than 61 different languages: Spanish and Vietnamese being the top two. We embrace the diverse population and strive to provide high quality, differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our language learners.

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