International Students

  •  International Newcomer Student Program

    The Birdville ISD International Newcomer Student Program is an accelerated program for recently arrived international students at the middle and high school levels, who have limited or no English proficiency and who may have had limited formal education in their native countries. The program has been established to bridge the gap between recently arrived international students' needs and English language support programs. To qualify for the International Newcomer Student Program, a student must be a recent immigrant to the United States (within the last 2 years) and have very limited English proficiency as determined by a language assessment administered upon registration.

    The goal of the International Newcomer Student Program is to offer an English language immersion program with emphasis on helping students adjust to the American public school system, maintain academic progress, and accelerate their English language development and literacy skills while participating in content-area classes for Math, Science and Social Studies that provide sheltered instruction.