MAY 6, 2020. Tickets are $10 and we accept cash or check made out to BHS. Tickets will be on sale in the training room until May 1st. There will be no ticket sales at the door the day of physicals.   


    All forms this year will be completed and electronically sign EXCEPT the Medical History and the Physical Form. The forms may be accessed by going to each school’s web site or the BISD web site in May.  The UIL requires that the pre-participation physical exam can be done only on the approved form; therefore, NO other form will be accepted.  If the exam is done on the wrong form it will be returned to you, again, further delaying your son/daughters participation. Therefore, please make sure you have the correct form by contacting one of the Athletic Trainers listed above or by downloading the correct forms from the Birdville ISD Athletic Web Site.If not completed properly by the end of this school year; it will delay your son/daughters participation in athletic activities.

    Remember you will need to be with a parent and athlete while filling out the forms online, the forms require an electronic signature from the athlete and their parent guardian. The kids will also need to know their 6 digit ID number.
    If your child will be new to the Birdville ISD (open enrollment, coming from a private schools etc) and will be enrolling at the new student registration in August, please contact the Athletic Trainers.

    Athletes are not clear to participate until all Physical Paperwork and electronic paperwork is completed and on file with the Athletic Trainers.

    Any questions or concerns please contact us.
    We recommend our sponsor doctors for Sports Physicals:
    Texas Orthopedic Specialists
    2425 Hwy. 121(South of Harwood)
    Bedford, TX
    Phone 817-540-4477

    North Davis/Keller Physical Therapy

    8700 N. Tarrant Pkwy, Ste 113

    NRH, TX 76180


    Cook Childrens 

     To schedule an appointment, call 817-347-2925. 

    Fax all referrals to 817-347-2985.








    Q:  Why does BHS require physicals on athletes each year?
    A:  The UIL only requires an athlete to have a new physical in the 7th, 9th, and 11th grades, however, district policy requires physicals to be completed each school year. The goal of this practice is to ensure the health and well-being of our athletes as well as to be up to date on any athlete health concerns prior to competition in their respective sports. 
    Q: What is the main purpose of the Sport Screenings administered at BHS. 
    A: To provide the community with a low cost ($10 S), high quality and comprehensive health screening to assess each athletes readiness for athletic participation in BHS Athletics.
    Q;  Why does BHS sell tickets for this event?
    A: 1.) To take into consideration the time of our Dr.'s, that volunteer their time and skills to assist the    
             athletes of Birdville High School.  
         2.) To take into consideration the time of our patrons, we only sell the number of physicals per hour that our Dr's can perform, therefore you wait in line less time and everything flows better.
                 a.) Selling tickets allows us to determine when the event will begin and when it will end. (See 1 & 2)  
        3.) Pre-selling tickets ensures no money will change hands at the event itself, this speeds things up at the door when you check in.
    Q:  How can I get tickets if my child goes to the middle school?
    A: Come to the high school and you will be able to purchase a ticket in the training room or on the field. Please call Coach Stafford (Ext 8364) or Coach Bauer (Ext 8351) to find out where to meet at the time you are going to show up.  All tickets are first come first serve and are NON REFUNDABLE.  
    Q: What if my student has lost their ticket?
    A: They can still get a physical on the night of the event. The student athlete will need to bring their Student ID and report at the appropriate time. 
    Q: Why did my online form get denied?
    A: The most common reason an online form is denied is because one of the "I agree" boxes goes unchecked, either by the student athlete or the parent. However, on the Acknowledgment of Rules form often times a sport box goes unchecked. Another reason may be that there was no signature in the signature box. These explanations represent the largest portion of reasons that a form was denied. If you have double checked these problems before submitting your online form and continue to have the same form denied and cannot figure out why, please do not hesitate to contact us.