• Transportation

    What’s Required

    According to TEA, transportation includes:

    • Travel to and from school and between schools,
    • Travel in and around school buildings,
    • Specialized equipment (such as special or adapted buses, lifts, and ramps), if required to provide special transportation for a student with a disability.

    Transportation as a related service provides eligible students with disabilities access to their academic programs and certain other related services.  Some students with disabilities may require a variety of supports and services that are separate from transportation available to all students, such as:

    • Specialized or adaptive equipment for persons who require specialized positioning or seating;
    • A skilled Nurse to conduct invasive procedures;
    • Bus Attendant to help curtail behavioral challenges;
    • Air-conditioned vehicles for persons who are sensitive to heat or prone to seizures; or
    • Wheelchair or other mobility device accessibility.


    What We Do

    There is no specific evaluation for the provision of transportation as a related service. However, the ARD Committee must document why the student requires special transportation, which is generally based upon disability or program access.

    Note: If a parent requests the consideration of other related services, the ARD Committee must discuss these services. The ARD Committee should consider any available assessment that indicates a need for other related services or should consider recommending additional assessment(s) to verify the need for the service(s). In addition, the student must demonstrate an educational need for the service. Each related service request must be supported by valid research demonstrating its educational benefit for students whose demographic characteristics (age, disability, grade level, etc.) are similar to those of the child.