• Out of District Programs


    What’s Required

    Texas Administrative Code §89.61, Contracting for Residential Educational Placements for Students with Disabilities. A school district may contract for residential placement of a student when the student's Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee determines that a residential placement is necessary for the student to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

    The school district has the following responsibilities when making a residential placement:

    Before the school district places a student with a disability in, or refers a student to, a residential facility, the district shall initiate and conduct a meeting of the student's ARD Committee to develop an IEP for the student under 34 Code of Federal Regulations, §300.320-300.325, State statutes, and Commissioner of Education rules.

    What We Do

    When a student who is already served in a self-contained classroom/program shows increasingly severe challenging behaviors that pose a threat to the safety of the student and/or other people despite the consistent implementation of the Behavior Intervention Plan and other intervention supports, staffing is scheduled to review students programming, consider other possible interventions, review current data, and discuss the continuum of supports. The staffing would include the following members: Program Coordinator, program staff, LSSP, home campus Diagnostician, Behavior Specialist, SPED Coordinator (secondary or elementary), and Special Education Director.

    If warranted, the Administrator schedules a parent conference to discuss the outcome of staffing and to receive input from parents. Administrator shares info from parents with Coordinators and Special Education Director. The Residential Administrator is contacted and an Admission, Review, and Dismissal meeting is scheduled to review IEPs, discuss program, placement, and options of the continuum of supports.

    Once the ARD Committee has agreed on a residential placement facility, it will determine a reintegration plan and implementation timeline. The Birdville Independent School District (BISD) Administrator will initiate the transfer process and facilitate a site visit for the parents to the residential facility. Scheduled site visits with student and residential facility staff will be initiated through BISD Behavior Coordinator every 6 weeks or more often as needed for the continued support of students.

    Based on individual student needs while attending a residential facility, the BISD Program Administrator and Diagnostician will coordinate staffing meetings and/or ARD meetings to discuss the student's IEP progress, programming and reintegration plan.