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    This page was designed to provide additional resources for parents and students regarding MTSS.


    MTSS Fact sheet for families


    Helpful Links for Families

     mCLASS Home Connect - This site provides resources for families with reading for elementary-aged children.

    Understanding your Childs's mCLASS This page will help you understand what screener subtests are given to your child and the reasoning for giving the subtests.  It will also explain the scoring of the screener's sub-tests.  

    Parent's Guide to Understanding STAR RenaissanceThis page is set up in a question/answer format that gives parents more information about the STAR Ren Screener their child took in Math and Reading.  

    Want to get updates about your child's STAR 360 math or reading screener?  Get information here 

    The Meadows Center and educational experts at MCPER have created videos to help parents and guardians use effective practices to teach students at home due to COVID-19. Below, click on any image to read a description, download free resources, and watch the video.

    What is Response to Intervention (RtI):  This website gives you the definition of RtI and other essential information on how RtI works in a school setting.

    Understanding your child's scoreThis website was designed to help you understand how to read your children's STAAR scores and understand it. 

    Understanding Quantile Scores This website explains what your child's Quantile measure means and how it is connected to math skills.   

    Math@HomeMath@Home contains targeted, free resources appropriately matched to students by Quantile measure and math content.  Talk to your child's teacher about their Quantile Score that is listed on the math screener given in grades 1-9.  

    Summer Math Challenge Help your child practice grade-level math skills and concepts with this free six-week program.  You'll get access to daily fun activities and resources designed for your child's grade and ability level.  The 2023 Summer Math Challenge will begin on Monday, June 19th.  

    RtI Action Network Resources for Parents & Families - This website helps families understand the essential components of MTSS/RtI and what roles they can play to support their student's success. 

    Supporting Your Child's Literacy Development at Home -  This toolkit helps parents and families participate in literacy experiences at home to develop children's reading and language skills from preschool to adolescence. 

    Tips for Managing Behavior at Home-The chart is listed below but click on the link to see the document and the hyperlinks attached.  

    Consejos para manejar las conductas para el aprendizaje en casa

    Tips for Managing Behaviors at Home

    Tip sheet for parents to manage behavior at home