• Benchmark 4: Academic Infrastructure

    The Collegiate Academy of Birdville shall provide a rigorous course of study that enables a participating student to receive a high school diploma and complete the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board core curriculum, obtain certifications, earn an Associate of Arts degree, or earn at least 60 credit hours toward a Baccalaureate degree during grades 9-12. The Collegiate Academy of Birdville will provide students with academic, social, and emotional support in their course of study.

    The four-year cross-walks detail how students will progress toward their goals, including alignment of high school and college level courses. The multiple cross-walks, differentiated by possible career paths, were designed with TCC to provide students guides to maximize the number of college courses that will be accepted for their course of study at Texas universities. These cross-walks provide pathways to a certificate, an Associate's degree, or a Baccalaureate degree and must reflect the fields of study listed in the THECB Lower Division Academic Course Guide Manual and/or the Workforce Education Course Manual.  

    Multiple dual enrollment delivery models will be implemented at the Collegiate Academy of Birdville:

    • College courses taught on the college campus by college faculty
    • College courses taught on the high school campus by college faculty or qualified high school faculty
    • College courses taught virtually, via distance/online blended learning


    TSIA Support

    The Collegiate Academy of Birdville shall administer a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college placement exam to all accepted ECHS students to assess college readiness, design individual instructional support plans, and enable students to begin college courses based on their performance on the TSI exam.


    The test will be offered three times a semester after the student completes preparatory lessons, with additional testing on an individual basis as necessary. If a student has not successfully completed the Reading and Writing portion of the exam by the end of his/her freshman year or the Math portion by the end of sophomore year the student will receive additional preparation and may be required to take a test prep course or attend Boot Camp during the summer.