• Benchmark 3: P-16 Leadership Initiatives

    Birdville ISD and Tarrant County College shall develop and maintain a leadership team that meets quarterly to address issues of design, implementation, ongoing implementation, and sustainability. Members include the Collegiate Academy of Birdville Chancellor and leaders with decision making authority from both the district and the institution of higher education.



  • Early College High School Design Taskforce

    Initial design work and planning for the Collegiate Academy of Birdville was conducted by the ECHS Taskforce. The ECHS Taskforce Charter was charged to fulfill the requirements of the year of planning as designated by the Texas Education Agency and the ECHS blueprint. ECHS Taskforce Membership, Scope of Work, Decision-making Process, Capabilities and Strengths, Meeting Dates and Deliverables are identified in the posted ECHS TAskforce Charter. All agenda/taskforce meeting power point presentations are posted.

    Information on the work of the ECHS Taskforce and implementation plans for the Collegiate Academy of Birdville were presented in the following venues and are posted below:

    • Birdville ISD School Board meeting
    • Birdville ISD Secondary Principal's meeting
    • TCC-BISD Leadership Meetings