• Benchmark 1: School Design

    The Collegiate Academy of Birdville serves The CAB is a school-within-a school serving students in grades 9-12. Our freshmen and sophomore students attend classes in our own section of Haltom High School in Haltom City. For the limited number of college courses they take in the first two years, Tarrant County College NE Campus (TCC NE) sends teachers to the Haltom campus. We have our own cadre of outstanding teachers who instruct our students in the core courses and AVID, a college preparation program. As juniors and seniors, our students attend most of their classes at TCC NE campus and take a limited number courses from our instructors in designated classrooms and study space provided by TCC.

    A significant part of our mission is to enroll students who are at-risk of dropping out of school and who might not otherwise go to college. While any 8th grade student may apply for admission, the Collegiate Academy of Birdville implements recruitment and enrollment processes which identify, recruit, and enroll the subpopulations of at-risk students including, but not limited to, students who are of limited English proficiency, students with disabilities, and students who have failed a state-administered assessment.  

    Enrollment decisions are not based on state assessment scores, discipline history, teacher recommendation, parent or student essays, minimum grade point average (GPA) or other criteria that create barriers to student enrollment.

    The Collegiate Academy of Birdville (CAB) also identifies, recruits, and enrolls subpopulations of students who are historically underrepresented in college enrollment (e.g. first generation college goers, students receiving free or reduced lunch, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans).