• Benchmark 1: Target Population

    By the school year 2022-2023, the Collegiate Academy of Birdville will serve students in grades 9 - 12 and will continue to target and enroll students who are at-risk of dropping out of school and who might not otherwise go to college.  While any 8th grade student may apply for admission, the Collegiate Academy of Birdville will implement recruitment and enrollment processes which identify, recruit, and enroll the subpopulations of at-risk students including, but not limited to, students who are of limited English proficiency, students with disabilities, and students who have failed a state administered assessment.  

    Enrollment decisions are not based on state assessment scores, discipline history, teacher recommendation, parent or student essays, minimum grade point average (GPA) or other criteria that create barriers to student enrollment.

    The Collegiate Academy of Birdville also identifies, recruits, and enrolls subpopulations of students who are historically underrepresented in college enrollment (e.g. first generation college goers, students receiving free or reduced lunch, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans).

    Equity-Based Lottery System for Collegiate Academy of Birdville


    As guided by the Texas Early College High School Blueprint, the District will strive to ensure that the student population closely reflects the demographic makeup of the district at large. Therefore, when the applicant pool has characteristics substantially different than the district, the selection process must provide equitable access to groups of students who have traditionally low college-going rates. In order to meet these outcomes-based access measures, Birdville ISD will utilize a weighted lottery to select students for entry into the CAB and to establish a wait list.

    Equity-Based Lottery Procedures

    1. Grade 8 students submit an online application for selection to the CAB which includes key demographic information such as gender, race/ethnicity, English learner (EL) status, and family history of college attendance.
    2. After the close of the application window, demographic and program data will be verified through the district student information system (for in-district applicants), and summarized in terms of percentage of students meeting the following indicators: Economically Disadvantaged, At-Risk, African American, Hispanic, and Male Gender.
    3. PEIMS data collected from the most recent fall semester immediately preceding the lottery will be analyzed to determine target percentages for each of five indicators.
    4. Percentages for the applicant pool will be compared to the district targets in order to identify any indicators for which students may be underrepresented among the applicants. These indicators will be considered for equity weighting in the lottery process in order to ensure compliance with participation requirements established by the Texas Education Agency.
    5. The District will annually evaluate student membership and its reflection of the demographic makeup of the district at large to ensure that the Collegiate Academy of Birdville student population meets or exceeds the state-identified outcomes-based access measures.
    6. The weighted lottery will be performed in such a manner as to allow interested students, parents, and community members to observe the process. All applicants will receive a rank based on the order in which their names are drawn.  The rank-order list of applicants will be used to determine admission to the program and the order of names on the wait list.