Chad Paris
  • Chad Paris
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    Porter Family,

    It is an honor to serve as your principal here at Porter.  I have a passion for our kids and families here, and I love working together to best suit all of their needs.  This will be my 24th year in education and my 7th year at Porter.  I was blessed to teach for 10 years before moving into an administrative role. 

    We have high expectations here at Porter, and the work is not always easy, but together I have no doubt that our students will excel in ways that they don’t even know they can yet.  We allow students to struggle because what they struggle with today makes it easier tomorrow, and they learn life lessons on how to have perseverance, determination and tenacity. 


    Please reach out to me if you have any questions.  I look forward to a great year at Porter and setting the stage for your kids to begin their journey to the future they dream of.