Image of W. A. Porter Elementary Driveway
  • Drop-Off

    There are two ways to drop off your student at W. A. Porter. 


    School Drive

    If you don't plan on getting out of your vehicle, then you can utilize the school main driveway (See picture above)

    The yellow area is for buses only (unless you are directed to move there by a staff member).

    The blue area is the drop off line. Please come to a complete stop at the curb and let your student out. Most days we will have some student greeters helping your student out of the car and welcoming them to school. You should never exit your vehicle in the blue area. 

    The green line is the drive lane. It is never to be used for drop off. It is for traveling only.


    Walk Up

    If you plan on walking your student to the door of the school you may park on any street around the school. The teacher parking lot to the south of the school should never be used for pick up or drop off. This is a staff only lot. There are minimal visitor parking spaces on the main school drive.