Battle of the Books is a district academic competition to encourage children to read and become familiar with excellent literature. Birdville elementary librarians develop a primary and intermediate list of books for students to read each year. Scholars are asked to read the books and become experts. The team practices and studies until they compete.  

    Students who would like to try out need to read the books from the Battle of the Books list. Kindergarten through 3rd grade students read the primary books and 4th and 5th grade students read the intermediate books.  


    Do I have to buy the books?

     No! The Green Valley Elementary Library owns all the books for students to check out.

    These books can also be found at the NRH Public Library.


    When do I need to be finished reading all of the books?

    All students should read them at home before the test is given in November


    How do you choose the team?

    Students who score the best on the test will be placed on the team.


    I made the team...now what?

    You will need to be present for all practices. The team will practice after school one to two days a week. Reading and rereading the books at home is important too. Please be sure the student understands what the story is about and looks closely at the pictures in the book, if it contains any. The students will be tested on the entire book.


    When is the competition?

    Thursday, March 28th, 2024


    Where can I find the Battle of the Books list?

    See below. There are also additional copies in the library.