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    Campus Technology

    computer Literacy Lab- a lab specifically designed for Kindergarten through Second grade to develop reading and writing competencies.

    computer Gator Lab- a lab used for teaching keyboarding and computer skills for First through Fifth Grade on a specials rotation.

    computer Star Tech Lab- a lab where teachers can take their students to work on various projects. This is available to all grade levels on a sign up basis.

    computer  Computers on Wheels [COW] -  A cabinet containing 12 Laptops circulated in the 4th and 5th Grade Classrooms in order to enhance Digital Learning.

    computer Document Cameras - used to present content from books and other printed media through a projector.

    computer WebCams – Most classrooms have webcams for video conference calling. Using Skype, classes can connect to many places around the globe for various learning experiences.

    computer Ipads – many of these mobile devices have been purchased for grade levels to enhance their learning.