• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Tardies, Late Arrivals, and Early Dismissals

    • Scholars who are tardy to school, not in the classroom by 8:10am, are required to be signed in at the office.  Please do not drop your child off at the front door after the tardy bell rings.  After the tardy bell rings, our staff comes inside.  Although we are still monitoring the exterior of the school through our camera and security system, we do not have employees outside in the front like we do during arrival.
    • If your student is arriving late, or coming back to campus for any reason, you are required to come to the office to sign them in.  Bring a note from the doctor so we can document this for attendance purposes. This ensures your scholar gets the proper credit for attendance.
    • Anytime you enter school, you are required to show your drivers' license, or other government issued identification.
    • Early dismissal will require your drivers license to be scanned. The system we use will not process the release without proper credentials.