The requirements for Key Club membership are set forth in the Bylaws of Key Club International. Specifically, Key Club membership should be open to any student who desires to become a leader in his/her school and community and wishes to provide service to others. 

    The Constitution of Key Club International provides the following guidelines for membership:

    The membership of individual Key Clubs shall consist of students from the four upper classes (or the five upper classes in the Canadian provinces where high school is of a five-year duration) of the high school in which they are enrolled (or in ungraded schools, whose members shall be of age comparable to the four upper classes of high school), interested in service, qualified scholastically, of good character, possessing leadership potential and having such other qualifications as shall be established by the local sponsoring Kiwanis club in cooperation with the proper school official.

    Each member of an individual Key Club must be willing to perform at least 50 hours of combined service to his/her home, school and community annually.

    The membership of individual Key Clubs shall be selected without discrimination in accordance to local, state, provincial and national laws.