• Administration and Office Staff Personnel

    Principal: Tim Drysdale

       Phone: (817) 547-8010
       Email: Tim Drysdale
    Principal's Secretary: Sabrina Dana
       Phone: (817) 547-8011
       Email: Sabrina Dana
    Receptionist & Substitute Coordinator: Shelley Bukowski 
       Phone: (817) 547-8000
       Email: Shelley Bukowski  


       Cheryl Bobo
          Phone: (817) 547-8019
          Email: Cheryl Bobo
       Cindy Sterling
          Phone: (817) 547-8013
          Email: Cindy Sterling
       Esther Delgado
          Phone: (817) 547-8000
          Email: Esther Delgado

    General Office Clerk:

       Anna Julsaint
          Phone: (817) 547-8000
          Email: Anna Julsaint

    Purchase Orders: Hollye Bright

       Phone: (817) 547-8028
       Email: Hollye Bright

    9th Grade Office

    Assistant Principal: John De Leon
    Phone:  817-547-5500 ext: 08940
    Secretary: Jordan Bryan  
       Email: Jordan Bryan


    10th Grade Office

    Assistant Principal: Divya Tinsman
       Email: Divya Tinsman
    Secretary: Jordan Bryan  
       Email: Jordan Bryan  

    11th Grade Office

    Assistant Principal: Alan Wallace
       Email: Alan Wallace
    Secretary: Cami Ramirez  
       Email: Cami Ramirez

    12th Grade Office

    Assistant Principal: Jennifer Beasley  
       Phone: (817) 547-8025
       Email: Jennifer Beasley  
    Secretary: Deona Basham  
       Email: Deona Basham

    Dean of Instruction: Tanna Falcon

      Phone: (817) 547-8315
      Email: Tanna Falcon

    Academic Coach: Kelly Black

     Email:  Kelly Black