One-Way Dual Language Program Page

  • Program Mission

    The mission of the Birdville ISD Dual Language Immersion Program (DLIP) is to ensure that all students become empowered learners equipped with sociocultural competence and academic biliteracy in order to excel and become competitive citizens in a global society.

    Biliteracy Model

    To empower our students to become biliterate, excel academically, and develop cross-cultural competence, we follow an 80/20 model, delivering instruction in both English and Spanish.

    Our approach to instruction is designed to support our participants in their journey towards bilingualism and biliteracy. We focus on fostering their academic and social language development through engaging lessons. By making cross-linguistic connections, we help students see the similarities and connections between English and Spanish. Additionally, we encourage them to use one language as a valuable resource for learning the other.

    To gauge their progress effectively, our participants are assessed in both languages. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that we capture their growth and proficiency in both English and Spanish. By embracing this inclusive and dynamic approach, we inspire our students to reach their full potential as bilingual and biliterate individuals.


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