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    Aspire is an after school program dedicated to students in need of academic assistance. Our goal is to make sure every student meets the academic standard in core academic subjects.
     Picture of After School Aspire
    In Aspire our mission is to inspire and engage the students with unique opportunities to help them succeed in a future they create.
    Aspire focuses on our five objectives. Achievement, Attendance, Behavior, Promotion, and Graduation Rates. We use these objectives to help encourage and build up students in hopes to reach each one.
    Picture of After School Aspire 
    We are Aspire and we welcome you to our school.
    Dream it! Learn it! Do it! ASPIRE! 
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  • Shawna Bateman  

    Shawna Bateman
    ASPIRE Coordinator
    West Birdville Elementary
    (817) 547-2538