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    BISD ASPIRE is a 21st Century Community Learning Center afterschool program for students, parents and families. The TEA-funded program has four components:

    • To offer academic enrichment for students in core academic subjects
    • To offer a broad array of additional enrichment programs and activities that reinforce and complement regular academic programs
    • To offer college and workforce readiness opportunities for students
    • To offer families of students served opportunities in literacy and related educational development

    Through the grant BISD offers extended learning opportunities to meet the diverse academic, cultural, recreational and safety needs of students and families who would otherwise not have access to these enrichment opportunities, through sustainable afterschool, weekend and summer learning activities. The grant is managed by a project coordinator. Each center is under the direction of the school principal, a site coordinator, and campus advisory team.

    Programs provided on each campus:

    Academic Assistance

    Services and activities that support all educational areas as needed to promote student achievement and success in their school experiences. Programs should create exciting intrinsic motivation to sustain constant student participation.


    Services and activities that provide positive social, cultural, recreational, interpersonal skills, health and wellness and experiences to enrich and expand students' understanding of life and involvement in community.

    College and Workforce Readiness

    Services and activities that promote workforce awareness, job and/or college readiness, skills training, preparations for the workforce and assistance in the attainment of employment and/or funding for college.

    Family and Parental Support Services

    Services and activities that support and help to increase the participation of the parents in the students' educational experience. 

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact  (817) 547-5773.