SHAC School Health Advisory Committee
What is BISD SHAC? 
Birdville Independent School District School Health Advisory Committee in response to the requirement by the Texas Legislature.


What do they do? 
The Birdville School Health Advisory Committee acts collectively to advise the school district on development of a coordinated school health program that reflects community values and integrates health education, health services, physical education, nutritional services, school safety and parental involvement.  The committee is actively involved in reviewing and discussing the school district's wellness policy on a regular basis.
How can you become a member?
The school board must appoint all members for the BISD SHAC. The committee must contain a minimum of 5 members. The majority of the members are parents who are not employed by the district. The remaining members may be people representative of the following groups:

            1. District teachers, administrators and students

            2. Healthcare professionals

            3. Clergy

            4. Law enforcement agencies

            5. Senior citizens

            6. Business community

            7. Nonprofit health organizations

How often do they meet?
The SHAC must meet at least 4 times per school year.
8 Components to Coordinated School Health

1.      Nutrition Services

2.      Health Services

3.      Health and Safe School Environment

4.      Counseling and Mental Health Services

5.      Staff Wellness Promotion

6.      Parent and Community Involvement

7.      Physical Education

8.      Health Education
Link to Texas School Health Advisory Committee webpage
 Need more information? 
Please contact Sally Ross, RN, BSN co-chair of BISD SHAC at 817-547-5012 or email at