Asthma Information
Asthma information


* The following are suggested guidelines and are not a substitute for following your own doctor’s instructions

If your child has these symptoms:  
a stuffy nose, but no wheezing or coughing   
is able to do usual daily activities like dressing, eating, playing
doesn’t require any extra effort to breathe
has a little wheezing or coughing that goes away after taking medicine and symptoms don’t return within a half hour
their peak flow meter score is in the green zone
Then your child may be able to attend school.

If your child has these symptoms:  
a respiratory infection, indicated by a sore throat or swollen, painful neck glands
a fever over 100’ F rectally and their face Is hot or flushed
    3) wheezing or coughing which continues or does not get better one hour after giving them medicine (or 5-10 minutes after using sprays)  
    4) their breathing is difficult  
   5) a peak flow meter reading is below 80 percent of their personal best and they’re not responding to medication treatment
    6) has had a sleepless night due to asthma symptoms and they have a low peak flow number
Then your child should probably stay home from school.  
It can be symptoms of a cold or flu or warning of an asthma flare-up. If symptoms persist, call your doctor’s office for their advice BEFORE the child needs an emergency room visit.