Welcome to Psychological Services

    Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) provide a continuum of mental health services such as:

    ·        Evaluation and identification for children exhibiting emotional disturbances

    ·        Evaluation and identification for children exhibiting autism spectrum disorders

    ·        Consultation to develop positive behavior interventions and supports

    ·        Conducting functional behavior assessments

    ·        Conducting violence risk assessments for children who have made threats of violence at school

    ·        Staff development on positive behavior supports, prevention of violence, crisis planning and intervention, mental illness, autism, and other topics


    LSSPs hold graduate degrees at the masters, specialist, or doctoral level.  Training includes coursework and practical field experiences related to psychology and education.  Graduate coursework is followed by a year-long supervised internship in a school system.  Training develops knowledge and skills in prevention, consultation, assessment, instructional support, crisis management, and research. 


    Why are LSSPs needed?

    In Birdville ISD, the LSSPs are part of the special education department.  They provide services to students, families, and school staff in order to ensure that students with short-term or long-term emotional or behavioral difficulties or autism receive appropriate educational services and interventions.