Homebound instruction is a service provided by Birdville ISD for students whose medical difficulties are so severe that they are unable to attend school. A referral to the Homebound program may be made if a Birdville student is experiencing significant medical problems that will prevent regular school attendance for an extended period of time. All referrals to the Homebound program must be accompanied by a physician's statement of eligibility for Homebound services. Referrals to the Homebound program should be made as soon as the physician anticipates an extended absence. Several requirements must be fulfilled before a student can be enrolled in the Homebound program:
    • The parent must complete required district forms requesting consideration for Homebound services. The parent must give consent for the district to contact the student's physician. 
    • The physician must complete required medical forms documenting that the student's disability/illness/injury is so severe that the student is unable to attend school for a minimum of four school weeks.

    Once paperwork has been completed, a referral for evaluation is made to the Section 504 Campus Coordinator, and all Section 504 Procedures are followed.  If the student is served in Special Education, then an ARD (Admission, Review and Dismissal Committee) convenes and Special Education procedures are followed.  

    The Homebound program of instruction is designed to help students keep up with their schoolwork during their absence so that the student can return to school.  When the physician has determined that the student is medically able to return to school, a medical release must be obtained prior to the reentry into the home campus.

    Homebound Contacts

    Emily Steele

         District Section 504 & Dyslexia Coordinator 

    Sarah Germany

    Special Education