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    $146,130,000* Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds, Series 2023


    Bonds will be sold in $5,000 increments

    Anticipated Ratings*

    AA by S&P and AA+ by Fitch
    (The Bonds will not be secured by the Permanent School Fund)

    Anticipated Sale Date* 

    On or about January 17, 2023

    Anticipated Settlement Date*

    On or about February 16, 2023


    Proposed Maturity Schedule*

    Interest on the bonds will accrue from February 16, 2023*, paying on every February 15th and August 15th beginning August 15, 2023. The bonds are scheduled to mature on February 15th in the years 2024 through 2048. The District reserves the option to redeem the Bonds maturing on or after February 15, 2033, in whole or in part before their respective maturity dates, on February 15, 2032.

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    *Preliminary, subject to change. Securities offered are subject to prior sale and/or change in price. Bonds liquidated prior to maturity are subject to price fluctuations and you may receive more or less than you originally paid. Bond prices generally decrease as interest rates rise. Bonds are subject to market price and availability and are offered by official statement only. Municipal bonds are subject to risks including but not limited to credit and default risk. Bonds are callable at the option of the issuing entity. Not a recommendation. For informational purposes. Municipal bonds may be subject to: Federal/state/local/capital gains/alternative minimum taxes.

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