• Bond22 - Birdville ISD

  • $0 School Tax Rate Impact | School property tax rates will not increase as a result of this bond proposal.

  • What is proposed under BOND22?  

  • Safety and Security 

    • Additional Exterior Lighting 

    • Upgrade aging security cameras/door access systems 

    • Fire Alarm system replacement at various campuses 

    • Elevator upgrades at various locations 


    • Mullendore Elementary School 

    • Smith/Francisco elementary schools (Partner School) 

    *Safety and Security enhancements included for each of these facilities. 

    Property Purchase/Renovations 

    • Purchase of and renovations to Denton Highway property for new Shannon High School/Special Education programs* 

    • Enclose the Haltom High School courtyard to expand cafeteria and provide an additional entrance into library 

    • Add additional classrooms at Haltom High for Dance and Cheer 

    • Update seating in the Haltom High auditorium 

    • Press boxes at all high school football, baseball and softball fields 

    • Artificial turf at all high school baseball and softball fields 


    • Repair drainage issues in the Birdville High courtyard 

    • Repairs in the courtyard at North Ridge Elementary 

    • HVAC and electrical upgrades 

    • Roofing replacements 

    • Address plumbing, painting and flooring issues at various District locations 


    • Buses 


    • Replacement of obsolete equipment 

    • Maintain replacement cycles for: 

      • Current 1:1 student-to-technology ratio; and

      • Teacher/staff technology 

    Indoor Multipurpose Activity Centers at all three high schools 

  • Important Notice. Please Read.
    Birdville ISD’s bond referendum will not increase the property tax rate for homeowners or businesses. However, a new state law requires all school bond referendum propositions to include ballot language that reads “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.” Passage of the bond package will not result in an increase in the property tax rate, despite the ballot language stating that there will be a tax increase. 

  • Birdville's Proposition Bundle

    Prop A
    Proposition A: $284,714,315
    Safety & Security/

    Prop B
    Proposition B: $16,061,775

    Prop C
    Proposition C: $59,000,000
    Indoor Multipurpose Activity Centers