• Bond22 - Birdville ISD

  • $0 School Tax Rate Impact | School property tax rates will not increase as a result of this bond proposal.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who was involved in putting the package together?

  • What is included in the proposed bond?

  • Why are there three propositions on the ballot?

  • What are the three propositions being considered by voters?

  • Which high school districts in the North Texas area have Indoor Multipurpose Activity Centers/Indoor Workout Facilities?

  • What will guarantee that these projects will be done as proposed?

  • Will this plan eliminate all portable buildings in BISD?

  • How does this bond address technology in the District?

  • How does this bond address safety and security?

  • What is the Partner school for David E. Smith and W.T. Francisco elementary schools?

  • What will happen to the old Smith and Francisco elementary buildings if the Partner school is built?

  • Will teachers lose their jobs because of the partner school with Smith and Francisco elementary schools?

  • How will this bond affect property taxes?

  • How can this bond proposal be accomplished without a tax rate increase?

  • How long will it take the proposed bond debt to be paid?

  • Can these and other BISD bonds be paid off early?

  • How much debt does the District currently have?

  • Where is the property on Denton Highway that will be used for the new Shannon High School/Special Education programs?

  • Is BISD financing the technology in the bond proposal for 25 years when its life span is typically five years?

  • Is BISD financing buses in the bond proposal for 25 years?

  • What is a bond election?

  • How can bond money be used?

  • What may bond money NOT be used for?

  • How does the bond process work?

  • When will the work begin and be completed?

  • What if I am over 65?

  • Does BISD have a long-range plan to address all facility issues?

  • Why were Mullendore Elementary, and the partner school for Smith and Francisco elementary schools identified as rebuilds?

  • Will all the students in the District be impacted by this bond?

  • In what years were the current facilities opened?

  • Did you know?

  • Important Notice. Please Read.
    Birdville ISD’s bond referendum will not increase the property tax rate for homeowners or businesses. However, a new state law requires all school bond referendum propositions to include ballot language that reads “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.” Passage of the bond package will not result in an increase in the property tax rate, despite the ballot language stating that there will be a tax increase. 

  • Birdville's Proposition Bundle

    Prop A
    Proposition A: $284,714,315
    Safety & Security/

    Prop B
    Proposition B: $16,061,775

    Prop C
    Proposition C: $59,000,000
    Indoor Multipurpose Activity Centers