• Mental Health SErvices

    COVID-19 Mental Health Information from BISD’s Counseling Department

    The health and safety of our BISD family is the top priority of BISD Counseling Services. Understanding that this may be an anxious and stressful time for our students, families, and staff, we have compiled the following resource information to assist you in dealing with the uncertainty of the continuing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the cancelation of school and other events.


    Talking to Students About COVID-19

    Here are some suggestions to consider as you provide support to your student(s) regarding COVID-19:

    • Limit your student’s exposure to the media; 
    • Provide a calming influence to children, as needed; and
    • Help your children address their fears and validate their feelings. 

    Additionally, we have provided below some kid-friendly language that may be used to describe COVID-19 and the pandemic situation:

    COVID-19 is the disease that doctors and scientists are still learning about. This disease has made a lot of people sick, but scientists and doctors think that most people will be okay, especially kids. Some people may get pretty sick. Doctors and health experts are working hard to help people stay healthy. It’s important for all of us to work together to follow instructions on how to be well. For most people who do become sick with COVID-19, it will feel like the flu – a fever, cough, and sometimes having a hard time taking deep breaths. Most people who have gotten the disease have NOT gotten very sick, but it may take a couple of weeks to feel better again. Only a small number of people who get it have had more serious problems.

    Local Mental Health Resources
    We understand that the mental health needs of our students continue, even when we are not in school. If you have concerns about the mental health or well-being of a child in your care, please use the resources below to assist in getting them the support that they need, or call 9-1-1.  

    1575 S. Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104 
    (817) 702-8828 

    • MHMR Crisis Relief

    Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder emergency support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call our ICare Crisis Line:


    If you are in a crisis, the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team provides a combination of face-to-face, 24-hour crisis services to children, adolescents and adults in Tarrant County.

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Toll-Free: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
    Toll-Free (español): 1-888-628-9454
    TTY: 1-800-799-4TTY (1-800-799-4889) 
    Website in English: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ 
    Website in Spanish: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/help-yourself/en-espanol/ 

    Additional Counseling Support

    The links to several helpful documents are provided below. Click each document title to download the file: 

    HOPE Resources:

    We will continue updating our BISD Counseling website with resources for our families who are seeking additional supportive and mental health services through this time. 

    It is our hope that you find the information/resources provided to be helpful. Please know that we are working tirelessly to address the emotional needs of our students and families during this difficult time. 

    Michelle Broadwater, LMSW
    | Coordinator of Crisis Intervention

    LeAnn Carroll | Director of Guidance and Counseling