• NTHS Participation Requirements


    NTHS members earn participation points by assisting with designated activities that support the NTHS mission.

    Graduation medals will be awarded ONLY to members who have completed the participation requirement.

    If you feel there is a discrepancy in your participation record, contact Teresa Peters, NTHS advisor, at 817-547-6000 ext 11776.


    Members may check Participation Points by clicking on the links below.   

    Activities for Participation Points

    Join Remind to receive BISD communication

     1 point for joining

    Assistance Spring Induction Ceremonies

    • Ceremony preparation and set-up
    • Conduct part of the ceremony
    • Help with set-up or clean-up
    • Bring refreshments for the reception 
    1 point per hour worked or
    1 point for each dozen store-bought cookies
    2 points for each dozen homemade cookies 

    Spring Drive Service Project


    Winter Drive Service Project


    Each item = 1 point
    Toothpaste, lotion, chapstick,
    Shampoo, Conditioner, etc.
    $1 - $5 New Toys 1 point
    $5 - $10 New Toys 2 points
    $10 - $15 New Toys 3 points

    Beginning of the Year Meeting

     1 point

    Completion of Jon Poteat Scholarship

     1 point

    Completion of any other CTSO scholarships

     3 points

    NTHS Picnic - 

    1 point for attendance
    1 point for setup help
    1 point for cleanup help