Thank you for your interest in the National Technical Honor Society! 

    Membership is determined by completeness of your application and the following:

    Requirements for membership
    ● 3.25 or above GPA on a 4.0 scale (approximately an 87 on a 100 point scale);
    ● Classification as a high school junior or senior;
    ● Outstanding conduct and character with no critical disciplinary issues; attendance must fall within the BISD guidelines with previous and current semester attendance reviewed.
    ● Current affiliation at the state/national level in a CTE student leadership organization;
    ● Active involvement at or above the local level in your CTE student leadership organization;
    ● Completion of two or more CTE courses; must be currently enrolled in one CTE course
    ● Positive recommendations by your CTSO advisor and one teacher.

    *No late applications will be accepted. Late applications will be disqualified from consideration.

    **Return the completed application packet to the Counselor’s Office at your high school or to the BCTAL campus secretary in the Forum by  Tuesday, October 10, 2023.


    1.  NTHS Application Checklist 
    Download and print one copy and check off each part of your application as you complete it. Staple the checklist to the top of the forms listed below. 

    2.  NTHS Student Leadership Report
    Download and print one copy.  Complete the Leadership Report by listing and/or describing your involvement in your CTE student leadership organization. You sign the form.
    Ask your CTE student leadership organization advisor to sign the form. Fill out a separate form for each different CTE leadership organization in which you have participated.

    3.  Academic and Attendance Verification Form

    Download and print one copy. Have your current assistant principal to verify your conduct and character.
    You complete the attendance explanation portion.

    4. Teacher Recommendation Form
    Download and print two copies.. Give one to your CTE advisor and one to a teacher whose class you’ve taken. Ask him/her to return the completed recommendation to the Counselor’s Office at the high schools or to the BCTAL campus secretary in the Forum at the BCTAL on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.