Data Tools


    The Aware tool in Eduphoria redefines student data analysis by making your data “browsable” in a rich, interactive format. The program allows teachers to move from district to school to individual teacher or student data quickly and easily. If you are a BISD teacher or administrator and are having difficulty accessing Aware, please contact the CAA office.
    Aware is more than a data analysis package. The individual student view allows staff members to journal parent communication, tutoring, or intervention services. The program allows teachers to create and assign tests and then track and compare student results and data.
    • Analyze state assessment data in a rich, interactive grid
    • Create and share custom data views to focus on important issues for your district/school
    • Develop easy-to-administer campus and classroom tests
    • Print answer documents on plain paper and scan with inexpensive retail scanners
    • Utilize a district bank of standards-based questions
    • Analyze the impact of your scope and sequence, when used with Forethought
    • Create views of data for easy publishing to colleagues
    • Generate graphs automatically as you are interacting with your data


    Universal Screeners

    Birdville ISD uses a variety of programs to gather information about student progress in reading and mathematics. Results can identify students who are struggling and help teachers provide targeted instruction for acceleration or remediation. Screeners are given three times a year.  Below is a list of screeners used in the district. 

    • Circle (CLI Engage) measures progress for prekindergarten students in a variety of areas
    • mClass (Amplify) measures math progress for kindergarten and language development and reading for kindergarten through grade 2
    • Istation measures reading progress for grades 3-5
    • Star Renaissance measures mathematics for grades 1-10 and reading for grades 6-12

    The local district assessment calendar indicates the times during which the teachers give screeners to students. 


    OnData Suite (ODS)

    District administrators are invited to view campus and district data through ODS. The program is a data warehouse that pulls data from multiple sources, across years and test administrations to provide users with detailed reports. The program begins with a useful dashboard and then invites users to find data and create reports to see large groups trends or monitor small group progress. File uploads include PEIMS, assessments, SAT/ACT, accountability, and financial information. The program allows districts to compare similar and neighboring schools as well. 


    If you are a BISD staff member, join us in Canvas to learn more about Aware, ODS, and other assessment platforms. Please contact the CAA office to be added to this course.