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    2020 - 2021 Board Members

    President - Kathleen Kaiser

    1st VP Programs - Chelsea White

    2nd VP Membership - Jennifer Childs

    3rd VP Hospitality - Lisa Hall

    4th VP Fundrasing - Shawna Barnes

    5th VP Room Rep - Jordan Flowers

    Secretary - Melissa Hill

    Treasurer - Misti Farmer

    Inspiration - Traci Shirley

    Parlimentarian - Nichole Walker

    Volunteer Coordinator - Helen Haack

    Clothes Connection - Dana Fulesday-Sutton

    Enviromental - Cynthia Daniel

    Yearbook - Maegan Holycross & Amely Andrade

    Fine Arts Day - Quinn Costanza

    Public Relations - April Hetherington

    Sunshine - Angela Maine

    Council Delegates - Megan Moody-Wooten & Victoria Luna