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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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North Ridge Traditions

  • Before school starts, we host a "Meet the Teacher" night. Students bring their school supplies to their classrooms and meet their new teacher for the year.
  • We have various grade levels perform throughout the year in our PTA meetings. They also present their program to the students and staff during the school day.
  • We have a PTA Carnival each year for our students to enjoy with their family.
  •  We have our Longhorn Stampede Run as our school fundraiser. Students can earn prizes based on donations collected and ribbons based on running.
  • PTA hosts an Idea Explosion Day after the semester break. Members of our community volunteer time to share their talents with our students.
  • Our 5th grade students go on a yearly field trip to Camp Grady Spruce for a week long time of outdoor education.
  • Every other year we host a patriotic Veterans program. On the year we do not have the program, we host a Veterans Day breakfast.
  • We are all excited when Nana Puddin comes to present a yearly program in December to our students. He motivates us all to become better people!
  • We have a yearly holiday sing a long where all the students join in with our school choir.
  • Each year our PTA provides an opportunity for students to shop for their family members in our Holiday Store.
  • Our librarian has begun a new tradition of bringing in a children's author to speak to our students. This is a treat as they get to hear the stories of how to become an author and what inspired their stories.
  • Each year our students participate in an end of the year Field Day.
  • We have many clubs and programs for our students to participate in after school.
  • At the end of the year, we celebrate with our 5th grade students as they take their graduation walk down our hallways as we all cheer and show our support as they move on to the middle school.