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    Sunday, January 21, 2018
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    North Ridge History

    North Ridge Elementary was the 18th elementary school built by Birdville ISD. When the land for our school was donated to the district, the property was known as the North Ridge area of the cattle pasture. Therefore, our school was named North Ridge Elementary. Since longhorns grazed on our land before our school was built, the first members of our PTA chose our mascot to be the Longhorn. Our School Colors are Red, White and Blue.

    North Ridge Elementary opened in August of 1988. Dr. Don Williams served as the first principal of our school. In 1992-1993, our PTA won the outstanding Parent and Teacher Association Award for the state of Texas. Our volunteer program remains a model for other schools and communities.
    In 1999, North Ridge Elementary was selected as one of the highly prestigious Blue Ribbon Schools by the United States Department of Education.  Our school continues to excel and rank in the top quarter of like campuses in the state of Texas.
    We honor the Principals whom have served North Ridge Elementary: Nancy Mull, Meryl Babcock, April Chiarelli, and Allison Cobb.