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Sunday, April 30, 2017
Name: Billy Pope
Phone: (817) 547-1900
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 Mr. Billy Pope

Mullendore Elementary needs you. Over the years, I have noticed a trend in schools; schools that tend to be successful usually have an involved parent base. In some of the PTA newsletter articles, I have alluded to the surveys that are returned by many of the parents, and I have indicated that we actually pour over these surveys attempting to address any “hot issues” or concerns that are noted by multiple parents. One concern that has come up multiple times is that of PTA involvement. Some of our parents indicate that they would like to have the opportunity to be involved, but are not quite sure of how to begin. Boy do I have good news for you! This is the time of year when the baton is passed from the out-going PTA executive board and chairmen to the in-coming PTA movers and shakers for the up-coming school year. We want to build on Mullendore’s past record of excellence, and to accomplish this, we need to be partners. We have a wealth of talent in our school community. Everyone has strengths and passions and our Mullendore Panther Parents are no exception. What better way to promote Mullendore Elementary than to utilize your talents? We currently have many PTA board and chairmen positions open for the 17-18 school year. If you are interested in any of these positions, call the school or drop me or your child’s teacher an e-mail and we will get your name to the appropriate people. I urge you to become involved, because greatness occurs when parent and teacher talent is blended together to form a partnership that is characterized by a “can do” attitude - an attitude that “nothing will get in our way”.


I invite you to come to the school, sign in and come see the wonderful things that we do for students each and everyday. I promise you will not regret being active in your child’s education.


Panthers Rock!


Mr. Billy Pope




The mission of Birdville ISD is to ensue that all students position themselves to excel with integrity in an ever-changing global society through innovative and responsive learning environments.