To cultivate prospective leaders within Birdville ISD who are knowledgeable and skilled to lead campuses in a collaborative culture that is focused on results and continuous improvement.



    1. Develop a working knowledge of the vision, mission, and goals for Birdville ISD.
    2. Develop a resume and portfolio that can be used as an applicant for an entry level administrative position.
    3. Demonstrate reflective practice by keeping a journal of all Academy sessions and leadership assignments.
    4. Develop a better understanding of the role of a campus administrator by completing a shadowing assignment with an identified principal.
    5. Develop interview skills by participating in a mock interview with a principal.

    Selection Criteria 

    • Evidence of leadership abilities demonstrated in current or previous positions
    • A minimum of three successful years of teaching experience with at least one full-year in Birdville ISD
    • Possess or working toward completion of a Master’s Degree with principal certification (a minimum of 12 hours in an educational administration/educational leadership program)
    • Evidence of commitment to ongoing professional growth
    • Completed application with Letter of Intent
    • A letter of reference from current supervisor/principal
    • AdminFit survey and score within the top Tier