• Kristina Krengel

    Welcome to OH Stowe Elementary Library



    8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday 





    8:10-9:00 3rd Grade

    9:05-9:55 1st Grade

    10:00-11:20 2nd Grade

    10:50-11:20 Pre K

    11:55-12:45 Conference

    12:45-1:35 4th Grade

    1:40-2:30 Kindergarten

    2:35-3:25 5th Grade

    Focus Friday

    8:10-10:40 Various Grades Weekly

    12:40-3:25 Various Grades Weekly 


    Kristina Krengel 

    kristina.krengel@birdvilleschools.net | 817-547-2400




  • Mission:

    "The mission of the Birdville ISD Library Program is to collaborate with teachers and others to provide age appropriate resources and meaningful learning experiences at point of need; to advance reading improvement by fostering an interest in literature and reading; and to empower all students to become skillful consumers and producers of information and ideas." 

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