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Medications at school

  • "Medications" are recognized as prescription and non-prescription drugs and includes but it not limited to: analgesics, antipyretics, decongestants, and cough/cold preparations. That being said, cough drops, eye drops, nose sprays, etc. are all considered medication and will need to be administered throught the nurse's clinic. Please DO NOT send any medications including vitamins, cough drops, herbal supplements, etc to school in your child's back pack or lunch bag. This is against BISD policy.

    If possible, it is best for all medication to be given at home. Only mediation which is required to enable a student to stay in school may be given at school. Three-times-a-day medication can be given before school, after school and at bedtime. Usually the hours when medication is to be given can be arranged to that your child will not need to take more than one dose during school hours. The first dose of any medication is to be administered at home, doctor's office or hospital. Any and all medication to be given at school must be labeled with your child's name and come with a signed medication permit and possibly at doctor's order for the medication to be given at school. Any medication brought to the nurse's office must be brought by the parent so a Medication Permit form can be signed. With the Medication Permit, the school nurse can administer up to 10 days or 10 doses of the medication before a doctor's note is required to administer further doses. There is a link to the medication permit on this page so you may download and fill out form ahead of time to speed up the drop off process. Feel free to call or email me with any questions/concerns.

    *** The district can assume no responsibility for loss or negligent behavior when the student carries his/her conventional or alternative medication or dietary supplement without the knowledge of the nurse. Noncompliance may subject the student to disciplinary action.