• Continuous Improvement
    Superintendent and Leadership Team
    Continuous Improvement
    Suggested Professional Learning Sequence

    Orientation to Performance Excellence
    This training provides an introduction to the Criteria for Performance Excellence and is the prerequisite for other more in-depth sessions. It is an essential first step to the continuous improvement journey.
    • Identify strategies and techniques for getting started using the Criteria for High Performance
    • Focus on the relationships required for success from key stakeholder groups
    • Identify the principles of organizational change
    • Provide a framework for using an entry-level assessment instrument to determine organizational effectiveness

      2 days
    Planning for Performance Excellence: A Continuous Improvement Approach to Department Planning
    A trained consultant will meet with key senior leaders from the district to collaboratively facilitate district-level strategic planning.
    • Develop strategic goals, measures and indicators that will set direction for the district and schools
    • Develop an improvement plan for the district

      2 days
    Tools and Techniques for Performance Excellence
    Tools and Techniques training helps to support the on-going improvement of process improvement efforts and introduces participants to the use of a PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) process improvement approach.
    • This training introduces district staff to quality improvement techniques and tools for use with process improvement teams
    • Participants learn how to choose the quality tool that is most appropriate for a variety of analysis, problem solving and decision-making purposes

      Prerequisites: Orientation to Performance Excellence
      1 day
    Leading for Performance Excellence Part I: A Focus on Application and Deployment
    This workshop focuses on the management and improvement of leadership systems to support performance excellence. Leaders will learn about the systems components needed to build a high performing school or district. Time is provided to work on the district or school quality implementation and training deployment plan.
    • Understand the leader's roles and responsibilities for leading an integrated management system to achieve performance excellence
    • Learn to support effective work teams. All participants will develop a plan for leading a multi-level process improvement initiative

      Prerequisites: Orientation to Performance Excellence, Planning for Performance Excellence
      2 days
    Supporting Performance Excellence - Advanced Strategies
    This training provides a deeper level of understanding of the Criteria for Performance Excellence.
    • Increase understanding of the Continuous Improvement criteria as a framework for continual improvement
    • Increase ability to analyze a case study consistent with criteria requirements
    • Increase ability to write high quality feedback statements
    • Increase ability to work as a member of an examination team in reaching consensus and developing a feedback report
    • Increase ability to coach, mentor and facilitate the use of the Performance Excellence Criteria with individuals, schools and departments

      Prerequisites: OPE, LPE
      2 days
    Assessing Performance Excellence: Facilitated Assessment Process
    A trained consultant will meet and interview staff in order to conduct an assessment using the Performance Excellence Criteria. Leaders will receive feedback on areas of strength and recommended next steps.
    • Provide district with a written feedback report prepared by a process improvement expert
    • Establish baseline data and recommended actions for setting district priorities for improvement and refinement

      Prerequisites: Orientation to Performance Excellence Workshop
      Length of Workshop: Minimum of 1 day on site plus feedback meeting at a later date

    Please E-mail Margaret Miller or call (817) 547-5811 with questions.