• Leadership


    School of Leadership

    We believe that within each student lies the ability to lead.  The RMS Leadership specialization will provide a dynamic learning experience, promoting critical thinking, inspiring confidence, developing problem-solving skills, encouraging service to others, and nurturing the intellectual and social development necessary to fulfill the characteristics of the BISD Portrait of a Graduate.

    Leadership Development

    • Rigorous curriculum and high expectations
    • Emphasis in 21st Century leadership skills such as:
      - Teaming, collaboration, interpersonal skills
      - Personal, social, civic responsibility
      - Higher-order thinking and sound reasoning
      - Adaptability, managing complexity, self-direction
      - Curiosity, creativity, risk-taking
      - Interactive communication
      - Prioritizing, planning, managing for results
    • Targeted leadership development opportunities
    • Project-based learning opportunities

    Location: Richland Middle School, 7400 Hovenkamp, Richland Hills, TX 76118