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    2023-2024 Board Members and Elected Officials


    President: Morgan Myers – president@hardemanpta.org

    1st VP Membership: Brandi Merritt--  membership@hardemanpta.org  

    2nd VP Programs: Serena Bunn – programs@hardemanpta.org  

    3rd VP Fundraising: Ronda Koehn – fundraising@hardemanpta.org  

    4th VP Hospitality: Charmaine Dillard-- hospitality@hardemanpta.org

    Secretary: Ronda Jenkins – secretary@hardemanpta.org

    Treasurer: Kelli Weaver-- treasurer@hardemanpta.org

    Volunteer Coordinator: Clara Walton – volunteer@hardemanpta.org

    Healthy Lifestyles: VACANT

    WatchDOGS: Sean Quigley

    Parliamentarian – VACANT

    Teacher Liason--Mary Pack

    Courtyard/Beautification--Alison Johnson

    Council Delegate 1--VACANT

    Council Delegate 2--VACANT


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    We are an active group of parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles , teachers, and other school employees working together to make Hardeman the best experience for our students.

    Some of us stay at home, some of us work, some of us attend school – we donate what time we can on our schedule to help in the school, with the courtyard, with events, etc.

    We are always looking for volunteers and Board Members.  No matter how much or how little, we appreciate any time you may have to help make our Roadrunners RISE!

    Want to know what we are up to or what exciting things are going on at the school?

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    • Want to volunteer? Please complete the volunteer application through Raptor and let us know you have completed it by emailing volunteer@hardemanpta.org

           Raptor link for Birdville volunteers: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/MzA1OmVuLVVT