Certified Pharmacy Technician


    Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)


    Q. What is Pharmacology?

    A.  It’s the study of the ingredients, uses, & actions of drugs.


    Q.  What is a Pharmacy Technician?  

    A.  A health care professional who works under the supervision of a pharmacist.  Pharmacy technicians help label & prepare medications, inventory & order supplies, help maintain records & other duties as directed by pharmacists.  Most starting salaries are around $18 - $22 an hour. 


    Q.  Who can take the Pharmacy Technician Class?  

    A.  Juniors who have successfully completed English I & II, Algebra, biology & chemistry classes.  Completion of Human A & P is recommended but not required.


    Q.  Why should I take the pharm. tech. class?

    A.  If you’re interested in going into a career in health care, this class is a great stepping stone if not destination. 


    Q.  Can I start working as a health care professional right out of high school without any college courses?

    A.  This course prepares you for the national pharmacy licensing exam that can be taken within 30 days of obtaining a high school diploma.  Success or failure on the exam depends on the amount of effort the student puts into learning the information.  While the district provides the course curriculum free, the state licensing will cost the student approximately $90.00. 

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