Vendor Registration

  • Beginning February 1, 2019 Birdville ISD will do solicitations through IonWave excluding construction which will be notification only and submittal will still be via written response. 

    If you are a current vendor, who has not registered for BISD through IonWave, you will still need to register in order to receive an email with information on solicitation notifications/view solicitations/submit a response. 

    If you are interested in doing business with Birdville ISD, you will need to register as an interested vendor to receive notifications when new solicitation opportunities are available. 

    PLEASE NOTE that this registration does not make you an approved vendor. Your registration only gives us information to email you when a new solicitation is available.

    Click here to register as a vendor for Birdville ISD through IonWave

    Click here to view Current Solicitations on IonWave 


    Note:  Below is a list of downloadable specifications, scope of work, addenda and attachments for each current solicitation.  These may be used if you are returning a paper version of your response to BISD.   In addition to these documents, there are additional standard attachments that need to be reviewed.  These Ionwave standard attachments can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Current Bids, Quotes & Proposals

Standard Ionwave Attachments