2018-2019 Parent Involvement Strategies

West Birdville Elementary  Parent Involvement Strategies 2018-2019





Evaluation Measure(s)


Participation in parent

involvement policy development

End of 1st  semester

Involve parents in policy development using surveys.  Distribute at registration, inviting comments and suggestions

•  Campus policy • Written parent suggestions


Participation in decision

making for Title I Program

All year

Involve parents in planning, implementing,

and evaluating Title I Program: • PTA Meetings • SBDM meetings

•  SBDM • Agenda


Communicate program information to all parents


PTA meeting

Provide information about : 1. Participation in Title I

2. Program Description • Available Technology • Spanish speaking Educational Assistant/Parent Liaison • Adult English classes • Parent Workshops • Planners for communication between parents and teachers

•  Calendar of parent activities and sign in sheet of participation. • Schedule of staff development.




3.State and local assessments and expectations for student proficiency • Student reports • Conferences • Testing data

•  Parent Conferences • Letters to parents • State reports




4. Provide communications about meetings, parent programs and other activities in a language that is understandable • Spanish • English

•  Notes home to parents

•  Tuesday Folder communication


Shared responsibility for student achievement

All year

Utilize the school/parent compact 1. Develop 2.

Distribute at Registration 3. Evaluate in January. Revise for fall registration

•  Compacts • Surveys


Build capacities of all parents

All year

Assist parents in understanding 1. State academic contents (TEKS) 2. State academic achievement standards (STAAR) 3.

•  Parent Conferences • Parent Workshops • Sign in sheets •