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BHS student receives State Board of Education recognition

Zane Sheffield

Congratulations to Zane Sheffield, Birdville High School junior, for being named a State Board of Education (SBOE) 2022 Student Heroes Award recipient for SBOE District 11. He is one of only 15 students selected statewide for the acts of kindness, charity and service he offers others.  

Zane began organizing charitable efforts back when he was a student at Smithfield Middle School. He started the Back the Homeless Club at Smithfield. Out of the club, a Slackathon was started that raises money to provide specially-made backpacks for the homeless. Also, instead of a traditional 5K, he organized a 0.5K where he had snacks, drinks, etc. along the short path. This year’s event raised around $4,000, where half of the proceeds will go to help students within Birdville.

Zane was nominated by Cathy Shaw.

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