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BISD Student-Athletes Score a Strike

BISD Student-Athletes Score a Strike 

BISD celebrates the accomplishments of the District’s Bowling Club. Students representing each of the three comprehensive high schools scored big this school year. 


  • District Champions 
  • Richland’s Girls varsity advanced to Regional 
  • Richland’s Boys varsity advanced to Regional 


  • District Runner-up 
  • Richland Boys junior varsity 


  • Regionals 
  • Teams
  • Richland Girls team missed the cut to go to state by 59 pins 
  • Richland Boys team missed the cut to go to state by 50 pins 


  • Individuals
  • Morgan Davis, Birdville High, placed sixth (top five advanced). Morgan was five pins under fifth. Morgan averaged 197 for five games. 
  • Jovi Henderson, Haltom High, placed seventh (top five advanced). Jovi was 50 pins under fifth. Jovi averaged 190 for five games. 
  • Owen Ratsabouth, Richland High, placed third (top six advanced). Owen averaged 222 for five games. 
  • Shaun Alexander, Richland High, placed fifth (top six advanced). Shaun averaged 214 for five games. 
  • Carter Sena, Haltom High, placed 13. Carter averaged 191 for five games. 


  • State 
  • Individuals
  • Shaun Alexander, Richland High, placed 32 out of 43.  He averaged 202. 
  • Owen Ratsabouth, Richland high, made the first cut to the top 16 with an average of 230. He averaged 240 for the next three games to advance to the elite eight. Owen averaged 188 in the next round and was defeated in match play. 


  • All District Tournament 
  • Teams:  
  • Girls
  • Morgan Davis (Birdville), Jovi Henderson (Haltom), Ellen Kenny (Haltom), and Kylie Miller (Richland).  The girls made the first cut to the top eight out of 22. However, they did not make the next cut. 


  • Boys 
  • Owen Ratsabouth (Richland), Steven Bowman (Richland), Shaun Alexander (Richland), and Carter Sena (Haltom).  The boys finished 19 out of 25 teams. 


  • Scholarships to bowl in college 
  • Carter Sena and Shaun Alexander earned scholarships to bowl in college.