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Chico Buckle Stock Show

BISD Agriculture Science students competed at the Chico Buckle Stock Show and won BIG! #BISDShines in our community, state and nation. 

  1. Baileigh Davenport (RHS) Breed Champion Cross Gilt
  2. Baileigh Davenport (RHS) Breed Champion Senior LaMancha Doe
  3. Sophia Nicholls (RHS) Breed Champion Finewool
  4. Katie Savage (RHS) Grand Champion Overall Breeding Ewe
  5. Toi'Cean Simmons (RHS) Reserve Champion Breed Champion Junior Nubian Doe (Dairy Goat)
  6. Brooklyn Sinclair (RHS) Grand Champion Dairy Wether
  7. Morgan Ward (RHS) Breed Champion Finewool Cross (Lamb)
  8. Bailey Wiley (HHS) Breed Champion American Heifer
  9. Bailey Wiley (HHS) showing American Heifer
  10. Sasha Norwood (BHS) Reserve Champion Overall Junior Dairy Goat Doe

Baileigh Davenport Baileigh Davenport Bailey Wiley   Brooklyn Sinclair Morgan Ward Katie Savage Sophia Nicholls Toi'Cean Simmons Sasha Norwood