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Attendance Guidelines

Attendance Guidelines

Sick Children

  • Call your child in sick by 10:00am 817-547-2913
  • Send documentation on the first day back to school
  • Documentation can be a parent note or doctor’s note
  • A student is tardy after the 8:10am bell rings
  • Parents must escort their children into the building and sign them in at the office.
  • The child’s day starts at 8:00am in his/her classroom with a morning routine. Tardiness puts the child behind all day.


Doctor’s Appointments

  • A child who is at a medical appointment in the morning is not counted tardy. They, must have a return to class slip to present at the office upon their arrival. Parents must sign their child in at the office.
  • If your child leaves school early for a medical appointment, the parent must come in and sign the child out. The next day, the child should present a return to class slip issued by the provider.
  • Any children who are injured and not able to fully participate in PE or recess should provide the office with a detailed list of restrictions. The office will disseminate the information to those that have a need to know.

Unexcused Absences

  • Trips outside of the normal school vacation times are unexcused. You may arrange to make up work with your child’s teacher.