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    Friday, September 22, 2017
    Name:  Robin L. Massey-Davis 
    Phone: 817/547-5227
    E-mail: robin.massey-davis@birdvilleschools.net

    Tutorials: MT--8.00-8.25am ; T Th 3.50-4.15 
    Welcome to Robin Massey-Davis's active website.
    ¡Bienvenidos a Español 1!  This is a one year High School credit class. Upon completion, you will receive a credit towards your High School total--- you must have 2 years of the same Foreign Language to graduate. 
    I have high expectations for my students--- this is a 9th grade level class and you must study nightly. Vocabulary is a MUST!
    We will have quizzes, tests, dialogues, and, on occasion, food and dance. We learn about different cultures and holidays related to the Spanish language. 
    If you have not been receiving any emails, email me so I can get your address on the Distribution List.
    • WOWOW If you haven't been to the new Technology Center, you really need to see what our kids can do!! Fantastic!!!!!


    • Parents,

      In an effort to increase student academic responsibility, the following grading policy will be enforced IMMEDIATELY.

       On Level Redo Policy:

      • If On Level students score BELOW 70 on a daily assignment, the students will be presented with two tutorial times the teacher is available to re-teach. The higher of the 2 grades will be recorded with a maximum grade of 70.

      • If On Level students receive failing grades on a major project or test grade, a re-teach opportunity and redo will be provided, but the maximum score for the redo will be 70 (per district policy).

      On Level Late Work Policy for Homework or Daily Grades:

      ·         Turn it in on designated date: Grade as normal

      ·         1 day late: -10 points

      ·         2 days late: -20 points

      ·         3 days late:-30 points

      ·         4 or more days late: student will receive a 0 with no opportunity to redo for a higher grade

      Note: While students may receive zeros for not turning in work on time, they WILL be required to turn in all work. Any work not turned in will be assigned for students to complete during Friday Night School from 4:00-7:30.

      Major Grades - Redo Policy:

      ·         Students must come to 2 of the required tutorial times. The teacher will assign both tutorial times, and students must make arrangements to attend.

      ·         The first tutorial will be a reteach of the topic only, while the second will be a time in which students can redo the paper.

      ·         The higher of the 2 grades will be recorded with a maximum grade of 70.

      ·         Original reductions to grade due to turning the assignment in late will still apply to final grade. 

      Tests Not Finished in Class

      ·         Students will have 3 days to come to tutorials to finish tests.  If they do not come in during the 3 days, the test will be graded as is.

      Absent Work

      ·         Students will have one day to complete absent work for every day missed.  For example, if a student misses 2 days, he will have two days to complete the work missed.  It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to collect the make-up work. 


    • ABCs/123s THIS WEEK... We are talking, memorizing and have a  ABC test on Friday August 25
    • Written ABC test on Monday August 28; Oral 123s to 1M on Tuesday August 29
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